Prevent Thanksgiving plumbing disaster and help your pipes

You just cooked your best Turkey ever. Your chicken breast was juicy, mashed potatoes super creamy and your dessert was an ode to perfection.

Now is the time for the dreaded clean-up. Should you send your Thanksgiving scraps down your garbage disposal or throw them your trashcan? When in doubt, let the trashcan take the lead and prevent the Thanksgiving plumbing disaster.

Here is a quick reference guide on what Thanksgiving scraps you should never send down your garbage disposal. Save yourself a phone call to a plumber on Friday morning!

Prevent Thanksgiving plumbing disaster and help your pipes and garbage disposal survive this year’s Thanksgiving

1. Turkey
When grease, oil, and fat cools down, it hardens in your drain and pipes, and it will create a clog. Bones are a definite no-no for a garbage disposal, as the motor is not strong enough to grind the bones and you will burn out the motor.

2. Coffee
Not only coffee grounds put a significant wear and tear on the garbage disposal blades but they also swell in drains and pipes, causing clogs.

3. Celery
The Thanksgiving stuffing would not be the same without this fibrous vegetable. Imagine that celery is like a string. It can ball up in your pipes and cause a burst and a leak. Thanksgiving plumbing disaster is definitely not a way to remember this year’s beginning of a holiday season!

4. Potatoes & Potato Skins
Another rock-star of Thanksgiving dinner. The starch in potatoes act like glue and wrap itself around the garbage disposal blades or collect other debris and create a clog.

5. Desserts
First of all, 90% of the desserts will call for eggs. Eggs should always go to your trashcan. The thin membrane inside of the egg shell will get wrapped up around the garbage disposal blade and will not go anywhere. The actual pie is very sticky and can block the blades as well.

Check for the signs that it might be a good time to replace your old garbage disposal.

Happy Thanksgiving holiday from our All American Plumbing Services family to yours!

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