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Faucets: important tips to consider before you buy and install


Faucets: important tips to consider before you buy and install

In the midst of renovating or updating your kitchen or bathroom, you will realize what goes into choosing the right faucet for your project. There are different styles of facets available to choose from. To help you decide, here are a few tips to consider:


Process of Installation

Standardized sinks come with pre-existing mountings and holes, allowing them to accommodate different styles of faucets. Before going to the store, look underneath your sink to ensure the sink can correspond with the specific faucet. To avoid any plumbing problems down the line, feel free to give us a call at 727.943.8300 and we will be glad to help you look for the pre-existing mountings and holes.



There is more to a faucet than a handle and a spout. When you look for a new faucet, you will encounter a variety of different designs. The most common features are:

The single-lever is a spout design with a single up and down lever to control water flow. It swivels to manage the temperature level. It takes very little room, it is simple to use, it is inexpensive, and it has a sleek appearance.

The widespread has two handles and a spout, one for cold and one for hot. They take up more space, are expensive, and are complicated to install. Even with the drawbacks, they have a traditional charm.

The wall-mounted are the most common type of faucets, usually installed on the wall above the bathroom or kitchen sink. They complement pedestal sinks with a longer spout and free-standing basins. They do not take a lot of space and create a clean and sharp appearance. However, the installation process is more complicated than other faucets, but if you are going for uniqueness, it is well worth it.


Additional features to consider: water filtration and sprayers

Water filters come inside the faucet itself or as separate units. It provides you with quality water while maintaining the faucet’s stylish appearance.
Sprayers allow you to have more maneuverability, which is helpful especially in the kitchen to clean dishes and sink. You can buy them attached to the spout or separately.

The materials used to make the faucets should be durable. Only buy faucets made using high-quality materials.

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