Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms, Curbless and Walk-In Showers

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Curbless showers (also known as “walk-in” or “entry level” showers) are an excellent choice for those that may have tripped getting out of the shower or stubbed a toe.  They are a great option in preventing an even worse injury, caused by falling in the shower. New showers are very sleek in design and can make small spaces appear larger and more open. They can truly transform any bathroom and make an old bathroom feel fresh and new! The design allows water to stay in the shower so you won’t have to worry about water spilling all over the bathroom floor.  Bathrooms with curbless shower look and feel more modern, and are much safer than the traditional shower.

With curbless showers, you and your family members will no longer have issues getting in and out of the shower. As barrier free living is on the rise, this is a wonderful solution not only for seniors or handicapped individuals but also for anyone with any physical limitations, vision or balance problems such as small children, pregnant women or individuals recovering from an injury.  Not to mention, for those that are in a wheelchair or use a shower chair, they will have an easier time taking a shower comfortably and without concern. For senior living or the aging in place population, barrier free access to bathing is important in maintaining personal independence as we all age and everyone will start to face mobility challenges.


At All American Plumbing Services, we love these modern, contemporary solutions that have so many benefits in functionally and design!  Curbless showers are continuing to gain in popularity, and since they have been introduced, we expect this trend to continue to rise.

Benefits of walk-in showers

  • wheelchair accessible
  • barrier free
  • simple access to handicapped shower
  • low maintenance and simple cleaning
  • very durable
  • less water clogging
  • endless design possibilities

New modern walk in showers offer a variety of designs, colors, and beauty at your fingertips. Curbless showers are ideal for both small and large spaces. With so many curbless shower options available, choosing the right company to install your shower can be overwhelming. At All American Plumbing Services, we are committed to providing affordable, safe, well-designed and high-quality curbless showers.

When installing a curbless shower, the drain placement is crucial to direct water flow properly. A common drain placement is a circular drain in the center of the shower, or a trench-like drain often placed at the shower door or around the perimeter. Having a professional that is familiar with these types of showers is important so that everything functions and is installed properly.

It is also extremely important to take into consideration the location of the cabinets, toilet, and vanity so that they are far enough away from the shower. Thoughtful design will allow for easy access, especially for those that may not be as mobile or use a wheelchair.


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Commercial Handicap Bathroom Installation for Businesses

All American Plumbing Services is proud to provide handicap bathroom installation for both residential and commercial use. There is strict enforcement when it comes to handicap bathroom installation. Trusting in a plumber that knows these regulations will save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run. That is where All American Plumbing Services can help! Licensed master plumber, Larry Jackson, has over 35 years of experience in the field and has been providing the Tampa Bay area with quality work for more than a decade.

Features we can incorporate into your accessible bathroom design

  • Walk In Tubs
  • Handicap Showers
  • Toilet Grab Bars
  • Handicap Bathroom Toilets
  • Handicap Shower Seats, Chairs, Benches and Bars
  • And More!

For commercial handicap bathrooms there are even more strict ADA guidelines that must be followed for construction and design. Some of these guidelines are grab bars, clear floor space, rotating space and specialized devices. At All American Plumbing Services we are up to date with the latest ADA guidelines to provide your customers’ with safety, mobility and comfort. We can work directly with contractors, builders and designers to ensure proper installation of your new commercial handicap bathroom.

The ability to navigate through a bathroom is taken for granted by most, but for some that luxury is not there. We guarantee integrity, dependability and craftsmanship on all of our services in Palm HarborTarpon Springs, Trinity, Clearwater, Dunedin, New Port Richey, Westchase, Oldsmar, Odessa, Holiday, Land O Lakes, Citrus Park, Carrollwood, Lutz, Ozona, Crystal Beach, Safety Harbor, Belleair, East Lake, Keystone, and surrounding areas of Tampa Bay.

If you are interested in a handicap bathroom and are ready to increase the comfort, safety and mobility of yourself, your customers or a loved one, contact All American Plumbing Services today!