It All Starts With the Shutoff Valve

Shutoff ValveSome might say that shutoff valve is the most important parts of plumbing. As someone who is not a professional plumber, you might be asking yourself, what is a shutoff valve and (most importantly) why should you care?

A shutoff valve is a regulator that allows you to turn on or turn off water lines. This is important when working on your home because it allows you to complete all of the work in a specific area of the house without having to shut down the water for the whole house.

According to the Valve Manufactures Association of America, there are a number of valve types and vary depending on home age and location/desired use. Read on to learn more about the different types of valves you will encounter as a home owner, and when you should use each type.

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Ball Valves

Ball valves are used and have long been prized for their durability and their ability to work well, even after years of abandonment. You can identify a ball valve by the straight lever or handle that is on the valve. You turn this handle about 90 degrees and you have cut off all flow of water. Ball valves are called “ball” because of the machined ball that is used to stop the flow of water. When using a ball valve, make sure you have enough room, sometimes they are hard to use in tight spaces.

Washer Valves

Many of the most common plumbing fixtures, such as your kitchen sink, use a washer style shutoff valve. You can identify the washer valve by the round or “T” shaped handle that can easily fit in tight spots. A washer valve is very easy to find in many homes and can be used in the same spots that you would find a ball valve.

Outdoor Valves (Faucet)

The outdoor faucet valve is simply a modified washer valve. These valves tend to be front resistant and may even have an extra-long shut off handle. The outdoor faucet valve is common in nearly every single modern home.

Globe and Gate Valves

Globe valves and gate valves are different than the other types valves we talked about previously. The main goal of globe valves and gate valves is to reduce heavy flows of water and will significantly reduce the water pressure of the pipe (even if they are fully open). The main handle of the globe or gate valve may not look much different that a washer valve. In many homes you will find globe valves, but oftentimes you will not find gate valves used in modern houses.

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