Which Comes First, The Planning Or The Plumber?

When you’re redesigning a living or work space, it’s easy to lose your way.  Of course, your new design must be aesthetically pleasing, even beautiful however, by pushing practicalities aside and not planning properly, this could lead to disaster.

One of the first considerations, especially in a redesign is the location of the plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, tubs and showers.  If the drain lines are already in, the chances are that it’s highly impractical for them to be moved any significant distance.

This is why the interior designer must be flexible and able to work with pre-existing plumbing fixtures.  Although many interior designers might disagree, unless there’s an unlimited budget, the locations of electrical boxes, gas and plumbing fixtures and lines must be taken into consideration.

Consider Plumbing in the Initial Planning Stages

Although there are constraints that most designers don’t enjoy, by designing with the existing plumbing facilities in place, the interior designer can then be more creative in the way the design is planned — and it’s a lot more cost effective.

Another reason that it’s important to consider plumbing in the initial planning stages is that some houses (especially older homes) have smaller plumbing lines (1/4″ instead of 1/2″),  so the size of the water heater and plumbing lines much be considered.

But the interior designer also needs to be aware and up to date on the latest innovations especially in the plumbing arena.  Combining practicality with aesthetics is where a designer can really make or break a project.  They must also be cognizant of their client’s lifestyle, preferences and budget.  And having the ability to read between the lines is also critically important.

Listening to the designer and client is also essential for the contractors, the plumbers and electricians.  Often the client might ask for something that’s impractical for their family or lifestyle.  In this case the plumber needs to be confident and professional enough to speak up, offer their opinion and suggest other alternatives.

By working together on redesigns and renovations, understanding limitations and budgets, the interiors designers and contractors can form a design concept that makes everyone happy.

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