Holiday Bathroom Sprucing

During this holiday season many of us have taken time off work and are ready to enjoy the change of pace from our busy lives; however most of us take advantage of our new found freedom and play “catch up” at the house on our lingering “to do” lists.  If your bathroom is on your list of things to remodel but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge or may not have the time for a complete bathroom overhaul, try a few of these quick, easy, and moderately priced remodeling  upgrades.

  • Replace old showerheads with a 2 in 1 model consisting of a hand shower and showerhead combo system with multiple spray selections.  This will not only be refreshing for the switch but also appreciated by the family and out of town guests.
  • Consider a shower drain change.  Drain options are evolving.  Linear drains offer more design possibilities than the standard circular drains.  You can even find some that light up!
  • Install Glass doors.  Many homes are switching to glass doors and have become more popular than ever in stand-alone showers and tub/shower combos.  Having glass doors make your bathroom more functional and safe.
  • Some people enjoy quick easy changes and prefer to keep their shower curtains.  If you are one of those who would like to keep their shower curtains, you      should consider a curved shower rod that bows out from the tub.  This rod is not only sleek/modern but can also increase your shower space.
  • Change out your bathroom towels and/or rugs.  Spending a few dollars to change out the bathroom colors is a quick and easy way to make a difference in any      bathroom.  Because the bathroom tile color schemes usually trend toward neutral and warm earth tones this change would be easy and effective.

Following these few quick remodeling tips will surely bid you some time until the big project after the new year.  This will make any bathroom feel like an entirely new space.