The Advantages of Hiring Plumbing Contractors

“Why should I hire licensed plumbing contractors when I can get it done cheaper?”

This is a question that we’re asked frequently.  But if you’ve turned on your faucet today and clean water has flowed, or if you’ve flushed your toilet and it didn’t back up, then you thank a licensed plumbing contractor.

Often people believe that they can save money by cutting corners and either doing their own plumbing, or hiring an unlicensed handyman.  And, quite honestly, sure…that IS something that you can do, however, here are five reasons to consider hiring a plumbing contractor:

1.  They are licensed.  The Florida Plumbing Contractor licensing process is so rigorous that only 30% of people taking the exam pass the first time.  There are two parts to the exam (business and finance and trade).  In addition to passing the exam, licensees must submit a personal credit report with a net worth of $2,500-20,000, depending on the classification.  As licensed plumbing contractors, All American Plumbing Services has the training and experience necessary for basic repairs, reconstruction and new construction.

2.  They are experienced.  Florida plumbing contractors must document at least 4 years of prior experience, as well as taking and passing continuing education classes throughout their careers.  This means that we’re up to date with the codes necessary to keep you safe and do the job right.

3.  You’re protected.  By hiring a licensed professional, you can be assured that certain legal and financial standards are maintained.  For instance, in order to be licensed, each candidate must pass a criminal background check.  Additionally, a minimum of $100,000 worth of bodily harm insurance and $25,000 worth of property damage must be carried by all licensed plumbing contractors.

4.  Legalities.  Most plumbing work is required by law to be done by a licensed professional plumber.  If you hire someone who isn’t, not only are you risking shoddy workmanship, but depending on the situation, you could be creating a dangerous situation for yourself and those around you.

5.  Your insurance might not cover unlicensed work.  Using someone who’s not licensed could void your insurance policy.

These 5 reasons for hiring a licensed plumbing contractor give you a peace-of-mind knowing that you are protected from a legal or insurance fiasco. In addition, knowing that you have built a relationship with a credible, experienced and dependable plumber to take care of challenging or simple plumbing situations when they arise is priceless. So go ahead and buy the generic peanut butter, toilet paper or soda, but don’t skimp-out on who takes care of your plumbing no matter how nice the handyman down the street is to you.