The Three Most Common Causes of the Slow Flushing Toilet

slow flushing toilet

How can I quickly fix my slow flushing toilet? It is a question you have probably asked yourself a few times as a homeowner.

There are three main causes to an inadequate flush and learning them can help you out the next time you have a weak flushing toilet. The three potential causes of a slow flushing toilet are low water level in your tank, a clog in the toilet or a pipe leading out of it, or even a buildup of calcium and other hard minerals.

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Read more below to find out how to treat these three main causes of a slow flushing toilet and get your toilet flushing freely.

Check the water level:

This cause by far the most common reason for slow flushing toilets. If the water in the tank is not up to the recommended level, you may have poor flushing power. This is because the increased water level gives a more intense flushing force; that force is required for the bowl to be completely emptied. If you have a decreased water level in the tank, your bowl may not be getting cleared. You can make sure that your water level is accurate by filling the tank to about a half inch below the overflow pipe.

Make sure there is no drain buildup:

Another common reason for slow flushing toilets is a drain buildup. To figure out if the drain (or its trap) is clogged try swiftly pouring about a gallon of water into the toilet bowl. If the water level that is in the bowl rises very quickly, then there is a clog somewhere in the pipe line. To fix this problem try using the handy dandy plunger! If using the plunger is not helpful you may need to snake the line.

Clear all mineral buildup along the toilet rim:

If your tank is full of water and your drain is free and clear, then the problem may be with your jet holes along the rim of your toilet. Minerals can gather around these jet holes with every flush, causing the pressure to get less and less powerful. To fix this problem start by using a mineral remover and a metal tool such as a screwdriver to clear out the jet hole buildup. If you do not have significant buildup under the rim and if your flushing power is still decreased it is the time to call your local and trusted plumber! We can help you get your toilet flushing properly

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