PVC Plumbing: The Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

The emergency call usually comes in the middle of the night.  Or on the weekends — or a holiday.  Yes, it seems like the leak (flood), clogged drain or overflowing toilet always happens at the most inconvenient time.  And yes, the expense.  We know that hiring a licensed plumber can be expensive — especially during an emergency.  It can be even more expensive to replace copper or PVC plumbing pipes.

It’s tempting to skip hiring a licensed plumber, especially when Joe, your brother-in-law, volunteers to fix it for free.  Or your neighbor down the street does PVC plumbing jobs on the side.  But just because you might be able to save some money on the front-end, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea…or that it’s even legal, especially for a business.

Here, in Florida, there are strict regulations and building codes for the replacement or new installation of any PVC plumbing.  Often, it’s tempting to try to save money by not hiring a licensed plumber — but in the long run it could be extremely costly.  For instance, your brother-in-law, Joe, might not realize that there are different grades and standards when you’re replacing PVC plumbing.  That fix might be fine, but, then again, 6 months later that incorrectly replaced pipe might create a leak that cost $10,000 to replace a wall — AND your insurance might not cover any illegal repairs.

If you’re building, renovating or repairing a structure, you must obtain the proper permits and follow the Florida building codes.   Sometimes it becomes even more complicated due to the regulation differences in municipalities.  Because of the various laws and standards, using a knowledgeable, licensed contractor for all your PVC plumbing needs is critical.

By hiring a licensed plumber, like All American Plumbing Services, you can be assured that we’re professional PVC plumbing contractors who know what we’re doing.  We’re a family owned and operated business, so we understand the value of knowledge and training.  And we’re proud of being a small business who serves the people of Pasco, Pinallas and Hillsborough counties.

We provide residential plumbing services, but we also work with builders, roofers, restoration contractors, HOAs, CDDs, Golf and Country Clubs, restaurants and commercial businesses.  In fact, some of our best clients are Property Managers who understand the importance of hiring a licensed plumber.