Plumbing: Going Green For A Healthier Home

Plumbing: Going Green For A Healthier HomeGo green for a healthier home! Home is where the heart is…but is your home safe for you and your family? Everything from poor water quality to high energy usage could be going on in your home without you even realizing! To start making your family healthier and safer, consider making some “green” changes.

Green plumbing and high-efficiency options in your home can help your family live in a healthy and comfortable space! But living a green lifestyle can lead to “improving your health, padding your bank account, and, ultimately, improving your overall quality of life,” says

One of the best and easiest ways to go green is Plumbing! Did you know that according to Green Work, “heating water alone eats up about 14 percent” of your home’s energy use? Some of the benefits you might see with green plumbing include:

  • Keeping your home environment healthy
  • Cutting energy costs
  • Saving water

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In order to see some of these benefits and help make your home a healthy place to live, think about implementing one or two of the ideas below.:

Water Supply

Do you know where your water comes from? Get your water tested! Before you pick out plumbing systems that may cost a lot of money, make sure that you are focusing on the problems that your home has. Don’t forget, the most accurate way to test your water is to call a professional!

Carbon Filters or Reverse Osmosis

If water quality worries you, think about installing carbon filters on the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms (they even have carbon filtered shower heads!). Also consider putting a reverse osmosis tap on your sink to dispense pure, clean water at a moment’s notice! These different types of filters will soak up and filter pollutants and toxins out of your water.

Whole House Filtration

If reverse osmosis isn’t enough for your family or for the type of water that you have, consider a whole home filtration system. These systems can remove any chemicals and bacteria in your home water. The removal of these substances can help your family live a better life and help extend the time of your plumbing. 


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