6 Steps You Can Take to Keep Pet Waste Out of the Water

Most people would not consume pet waste, much less their pet’s water.  It sounds vulgar, but in reality when pet waste is left on the ground, this is exactly what happens.  Pet waste left out in the street is washed into storm drains and aqueducts and mixes with the public water source.  Waste also harms fish and other wildlife living in and around the contaminated water sources.

There are things pet owners can do to prevent waste pollution.  As a pet owner, make it a responsibility to keep water safe and drinkable for humans and livable for aquatic wildlife. Pet Waste is a public health concern.  If it gets into the water it can make people ill.  Pet owners can take the steps below to keep water safe in their neighborhood.

1.  Don’t be afraid to clean up waste.  One can never be too cautious when picking up a pet’s waste.   Don’t pick up waste with bare hands. If a pet is sick it may contain contagious bacteria or toxins that are harmful. Use a bag, shovel or scooper.

2.  Speak up!  Always pick up waste.  Regardless of what others choose to do, owners should always pick up after their pet.  There is no shame in doing a necessary task to help the environment.  Kindly remind pet owners who don’t pick up after their pet of the public health concern with waste.

3.  Discard waste in the trash.  Many neighborhoods have pet waste bags and trash cans on common dog walking paths.  In neighborhoods where this is not the case, pet owners can address these concerns to the city council.  Never dump uncovered waste directly into the trash as it may spread harmful bacteria.

4.  Keep waste away from storm drains.  If a pet relieves itself near a storm drain, where waste can be swept into the drain, be sure to pick it up.

5.  Always carry and share waste bags.  If taking the dog on a walk to the park or other location, pet owners should carry extra waste bags in the car for emergencies.  If a person is walking a pet, offer the owner a waste bag just in case they do not have one.

6.  Keep pets out of water bodies.  Pet owners should avoid letting their pet stay in public water bodies to avoid contamination.