3 Signs You Need Toilet Repair

toilet repairBelieve it or not, your toilet is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. When your toilet is causing problems, it can feel like a disaster. You need to be able to see the signs of a damaged toilet right away.

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To help keep your day on the right track here are 3 major signs that you might need toilet repair.

1. Your toilet is constantly running.

If you often hear your toilet running, even though it hasn’t been used recently you are going to need that toilet repaired. It is common to hear your toilet run for a little bit after a flush, but if you hear it running when it shouldn’t – you need to get it looked at. A toilet that is always running usually has a damaged flapper or float. If you catch the running toilet soon enough, you can save yourself on some larger repairs in the future!

2. You hear your toilet flushing when no one is in the bathroom.

If you hear your toilet flush when you know it is not being used you might have what professionals call “ghost flushing.” While that sounds a little freaky and can scare the wits out of you when you are home alone, it is a very real and common thing. According to Home Guides, ghost flushing occurs when “water is slowly draining from the tank, usually through a deteriorating flapper, and lowering the float. When the float reaches its critical height, it switches on the water. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure all the tank seals are intact”. So while you may be safe from the supernatural, you are not safe from a faulty toilet. Make sure you schedule a plumber to come out to your home and fix your toilet right away!

3. Leaking may occur near the base of the toilet.

If you find standing water along the bottom of the toilet, where it meets the floor, it is possible that you have a faulty flange. There are also a number of other reasons why your toilet may be leaking, make sure you contact a plumber right away if you see any standing water around your toilet. These problems may grow into something much larger if they are left to fix themselves.

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